Welcome to Those Nutty Sounds. My name is Stav and I have been a fan of Ska / 2 Tone since 1979 when I was 4 years old. I have quite a large collection of Ska / 2 Tone Bootlegs. I have decided to share them all with you.
None of the items I post on here will be official recordings only bootleg or Radio recordings.
I would like to say thanks now to everyone I have ever got my recordings from in the past.
So all I have to say now is Shut Up, Listen and Dance.......
Enjoy yourself

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Shall I give it another go?????

Im thinking of reviving this blog as I have had requests to do so. If you guys are happy for me to do then leave a comment. I enjoy sharing but it does get frustrating when noone thanks me for the time and effort I put into providing all these quality recordings. I might not do covers though as it does take me a long time to do and I just simply dont have the time to do them anymore. Your comments will be appreciated


  1. Hope to see you back! Top blog

  2. Come on, youre doing a good job!

  3. Yeah Stav go on mate, i like your posts,they're better than mine!!!
    show me how it should be done Rudeboy :0)

  4. We want more!!!

  5. Covers aren't necessary - it's really all about the music we love. Hope you reconsider and return to posting and sharing. Do miss ya!


  6. I wish you all the best no matter what you decide to do :)

  7. Give it another go, I missed your wonderful posts for so long! A german fan!

  8. many people in this world dont appreciate what others do for them so keep the blog going for the few that do appreciate it and the hard work you put into it . its a great site well done