Welcome to Those Nutty Sounds. My name is Stav and I have been a fan of Ska / 2 Tone since 1979 when I was 4 years old. I have quite a large collection of Ska / 2 Tone Bootlegs. I have decided to share them all with you.
None of the items I post on here will be official recordings only bootleg or Radio recordings.
I would like to say thanks now to everyone I have ever got my recordings from in the past.
So all I have to say now is Shut Up, Listen and Dance.......
Enjoy yourself

Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Specials MkII - Chicago - 23.05.1998

The Specials MkII - Chicago - 08.04.1998

The Specials MkII - San Francisco - 07.12.1997

The Specials MkII - Dublin - 08.12.1996

The Specials MkII - Dublin - 13.07.1996

The Specials MkII - New Orleans - 06.06.1996

The Specials MkII - Belfast - 17.12.1995

The Specials MkII - Stockholm, Sweden - 02.03.1995